I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

April 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

At the writing and reading of this letter, we will be 3 Sunday gatherings away from the conclusion of our initial ‘3 for 3’ commitment as The Vine Church. I have attached that original invitation for reference. However, I would like to start with this line that seems to bridge where we began and what is ahead of us in the coming three weeks:

Our sincere hope is that God fully unites us together in a way that will give birth, formally, to the Vine Church. I have realized that just like the early church, we ought to live together like the church, before officially calling ourselves a church. After 3 months, we all will pray and seek the Lord as to our formal commitment to one another, the possible elders amongst us, and many other questions.  – 3 for 3 Invitation

Practically, the next two weeks will involve a time of many questions. Please feel free to ask. Bryan, Dean, and myself will be meeting weekly to pray for all of you and for what God would have for us.

The three of us agree that Acts 2:42-46, our text for the next two weeks, represents a model for all churches. In our prayer and seeking of God we are asking ourselves and you to allow this question to guide the discernment: “where Lord would you like me to carry out this picture of your church?” This approach, rather than making a pro/con list, may keep us focused on Christ’s desires, His heart, and remind us that we are not church consumers, but obedient children of our Father.

As we pray, we will lay everyone before Him, not assuming that anyone is an essential participant. In the past two years, God has brought smallness to the initial 25 person prayer group that eventually birthed this Vine Church. In the process of starting our gatherings this February, Kevin and Andrew were called elsewhere. But God has not abandoned us. Enjoy the confidence of that promise.

On Tuesday, April 24th, everyone is invited to the Weaver house to pray and share. We would suggest that each couple or individual would prepare some thoughts on paper to share. What have been the encouragements and discouragements in the past three months? What are your desires regarding The Vine Church, your role in it, We’re surely not looking to answer these questions with: “I’m in for the next 40 years!” You could die or He could return on May 2nd. If you’re expecting to move in 3 months, don’t allow that to hinder your role in the Vine Church. It should always be our expectation that God will move his ‘light and salt’ around the world. Love is not something we give to people who are going to reciprocate it equally. Love is freely given.

In that last weekend of April, Bryan, Dean and myself will pray regarding those responses, questions, and insights. Then the following Tuesday, 5.1.12 everyone will meet at the Weaver’s again to respond to what God is communicating to us all, for us three to offer a short-term plan, and pray over any families or individuals who may be departing to serve the Lord in another setting.

May God grant us a humble, contrite, and dependent spirit as we seek to make His name great by our obedience to Him.

Your brothers in the Lord,

Bryan Polivka, Dean Landers, Jeff Weaver


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