I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

Discipleship Mission – Work like God works

As we are captivated by a gospel vision and supported by a family connection we go into the world on a discipleship mission. The goal of this mission is for people to come to faith in Jesus Christ, to grow in holiness and their love of Him, and to live in a manner that pleases God and serves the common good – although not always in that order. That mission is accomplished by teaching, showing, and sharing life, work, and Christ with others. Overflowing from the family connection, discipleship is a commitment to teach and lead others, Christian or non-Christian, to die to themselves and yield to the will of God; meaning it is personal and targets the heart. The church gathers to prepare and equip itself to be fully present in all the settings that its’ individual members may scatter:  on a ball field, at a job, or in an institution.  Christians on this mission are progressively sharing themselves, the message, and the work with others. A discipleship mission explains not only the goal of your all work but the method of it.


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