I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

3 Core Values

Our hope is that this local body of Christians lives the way that God has designed us to live.  The “Posts” of the Vine Church can be summarized:

– To see how God sees

– To love how God loves

– To work how God works


Gospel Vision – See like God sees

The gospel, or good news, is the announcement of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done on our behalf – both make Him the most important man who ever lived. A gospel vision progressively sees our reality the way that God sees it:

–          Jesus Christ is God, not us or anything we make the centerpiece of life
–          He has died on the cross as our substitute, identifying and solving our greatest problem: sinful separation from God
–          He has been raised to life, providing our new identity and the power to accomplish all that He desires of us
–          He reigns now and forever, expanding our hope and directing our plans

This good news explains the world around us, ourselves and God Himself. To have a gospel vision, sees any situation, any emotion, any relationship, any task, any problem or any hope from this perspective. By God’s grace in Christ we will see like He sees.

Family Connection – Loves like God loves

God has adopted Christians into a family of brothers and sisters, connected by our common birth in Christ, our common Father God, and our common purpose to make His name great. This family is historic, including believers of ages past; global, including believers of all ethnicities, and yet finds its best understanding in the local church setting. Christ’s blood is thicker then any of the watered down relationship associations this world may offer us. Therefore, the Christians in a local church love one another with a commitment that is greater than the pain they cause each other. The love God calls us to in this family is holy and forgiving, disciplined and gracious, protecting and inviting. It is loving to rid from ourselves the sin that remains. It is loving to intentionally pursue the needs of each other as Christ has pursued us. It is loving to call anyone to repentance and faith and welcome them to God’s family. The local church is used by God to refine one another to holiness and equip one another for good work.

Discipleship Mission – Work like God works

As we are captivated by a gospel vision and supported by a family connection we go into the world on a discipleship mission. The goal of this mission is for people to come to faith in Jesus Christ, to grow in holiness and their love of Him, and to live in a manner that pleases God and serves the common good – although not always in that order. That mission is accomplished by teaching, showing, and sharing life, work, and Christ with others. Overflowing from the family connection, discipleship is a commitment to teach and lead others, Christian or non-Christian, to die to themselves and yield to the will of God; meaning it is personal and targets the heart. The church gathers to prepare and equip itself to be fully present in all the settings that its’ individual members may scatter:  on a ball field, at a job, or in an institution.  Christians on this mission are progressively sharing themselves, the message, and the work with others. A discipleship mission explains not only the goal of your all work but the method of it.


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