I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5


The Meaning of the Church – Acts 11:19-30
Bryan Polivka

Affirmative! God opened the door to the world – Acts 11:1-18
Jeff Weaver

The Gospel to the World – Acts 10
Bryan Polivka

How the Church Grows Acts 9:31-43
Dean Landers

Paul Persecutes and Pursues Jesus Christ – Acts 9:1-19
Bryan Polivka

The News, The Christ, the Church, and the Spirit move to Samaria – Acts 8:4-25
Bryan Polivka

Acts Chapters 1-8 Review
Bryan Polivka and Jeff Weaver

Ignition Switch – Acts 8:1-4
Jeff Weaver

The Stoning of Steven – Acts 6:8-7:60
Bryan Polivka

Everyday Miracle – Acts 6:1-7
Bryan Polivka

Living Like Jesus – Acts 5:17-42
Jeff Weaver

Deadly Serious – Acts 5:1-16
Jeff Weaver


Winning The Age Old Power Struggle- Acts 4:1-22
Bryan Polivka

Two Sides of the Coin – Conversion and New Birth
Jeff Weaver

Christ’s Power Fulfilled – Acts 3:12-26
Jeff Weaver

A Preview of Power – Acts 3:1-12
Jeff Weaver

Abide. How? – John 15
Bryan Polivka

The Supernatural Marks of the Church – Acts 2:44-47
Jeff Weaver

Fearfully United – The Model Church – Acts 2:42-44
Bryan Polivka

Easter – One Day That Changes All Days
Jeff Weaver

Good Friday – Why Did the King die?
Bryan Polivka

Part 1 (20 mins)

Part 2 (3 mins)

The Spirit Speaks – Pt. 2 – Acts 2:25-41
Jeff Weaver

The Spirit Speaks – Pt. 1Acts 2:14-24
Jeff Weaver

Acts 2:1-13
Bryan Polivka

The Arc of Mercy – Acts 1:9-11
Bryan Polivka


The Mission of the Church – Acts 1:6-8
Jeff Weaver

New Picture of an Old Promise – Acts 1:4-5
Jeff Weaver

Reality Check – Acts 1:1-3
Jeff Weaver

2 responses

  1. georgebryanpolivka

    Jesus preached and taught about the Kingdom of God. It was his one, single, constant message. So what is a kingdom?

    A kingdom is a place where a king rules and has authority and all things works they way he wants them to. If the king is bad or evil, everything else crumbles. If the king is good, everything flourishes. The Bible paints us a picture of a good and loving and mighty King. This King is the king of kings, he is the Lord of lords. He will lead His people. He will become one of His people. He will die for His people. He will rescue His people. He is perfect, and holy, and creative, and wonderful, and giving, and strong. His counsel does not fail. His commands do not return void. His plans always come to pass. His kingdom is forever. His enemies are crushed and cannot hurt His people. Justice and rightness reign. Love and mercy and compassion and peace abound. Children play in the streets. Men and women laugh. There is peace, joy, kindness and beauty. There is no sickness, disability or death. There is no rebellion, brokenness or regret. Music fills the air. The ground brings forth wonderful food. Work is not toilsome. The people sing of the wonderful love and deeds of the king, and they care for one another. It is glorious. The kingdom of God is a place where the King reigns and all things work by His design. The kingdom has begun, and Jesus invites you to come.

    –from “Reality Check,” by Jeff Weaver

    February 20, 2012 at 12:15 am

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