I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

The Spirit Speaks – Part 1

Today (3.25.12) and next week we will study the words and events of Peter’s sermon on Pentecost. Below is an outline to guide your personal study. Please leave any comments as you learn from this text.

Main Point: The Spirit fills our proclamation of Christ with the power to save.”

v. 14 – Foundation of proclamation
v. 15-21 Correction of deadly misunderstandings
v. 22-24 Explanation of Jesus
(next week)
v. 25-35 Exaltation of Christ
v. 36 Statement of Man’s plight
v. 37-40 Offer to a soften heart
v. 41- Costly and invaluable fruit


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