I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

John 9 – Preview

This week we will study chapter 9 of John’s gospel. This is an extended interaction involving Jesus’ interaction with a man – who was born blind. The bible in many places describes the importance of the eye. Beyond just a source of vision it represents how we interpret reality. It is easy to see how the bible also correlates blindness to not only physical disability, but spiritual as well. You can either rightly or wrongly understand the world that God has made. Consider the following questions that we will answer together tomorrow night.

1) Of the six different people/people groups represented in chapter 9, who most often reflects your own attitude and why?

2)  What are the three stages the blind man goes through  in coming to faith? Vs 1-7, 8-34, 35-41

3)   read  Vs 25  what was it in your own life that God in His mercy opened your eye to see and revealed to you about yourself ?   Pick one:
– At time of conversion
– Over your Christian life
– Recently

4). What did the Pharisees, who were with Jesus, witness and experience in this story?  See vs 40,41


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