I am the vine, you are the branches. In me you will bear much fruit, but you can do nothing apart from me. John 15:5

John 3 – Recap

This week we studied and discussed the third chapter of John’s gospel looking at Jesus’ after-dark interaction with Nicodemus, Christ’s statements on salvation, and John’s the Baptist’s transition of ministry to the one whom “he prepared the way.”

1. Jesus describes both water and spirit in the process of being born again – aka becoming a Christian. He refers to Ezekiel 36 and that each person needs both cleansing from our guilt and new life. According to Christ we are guilty and dead. Do you agree with him? What was it like for you to experience this reality for the first time? Have you recently forgotten one of those truths?

2. Eternal life is as much a quality of life now as much as it is a quantity of life forever. Christ has come to give life both now and forever. This does not mean we necessarily will have all of the gifts of the future world – we may live tremendously painful lives. Yet, we have the eyes to see today’s circumstances from a perspective of the age to come. How does this impact your daily life and the way you describe Christ to non-believers?

3. John the Baptist is a model for our life in how he seeks to “decrease as Christ increases.” Clearly this relates to evangelism and sharing Christ with the lost, but how about other categories of your life? How does the transition of ministry at the end of chapter 3 influence your role in your marriage? Your job? When do we give it all we have and when do we rest in Christ’s work?


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